Craig Calhoun speaking at ICSU/ISSC

Craig Calhoun is a University Professor of Social Sciences. He holds joint appointments in the School of Politics and Global Studies, the School of Public Affairs, the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, the School of Sustainability, the School of Arts, Media and Engineering, and Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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The Green New Deal Conference

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This is an exploration of efforts to deepen and extend democracy, of periodic (including current) degenerations of democracy, of shifts in the social foundations for democracy. It focuses primarily on the US, Britain, and France but in less detail on a range of global cases.

This is a long-term exploration of the different ways in which social solidarity is achieved. By this I mean both the social cohesion and integration suggested by Durkheim’s use of the term and the willed mutuality suggested by its use in social movements. The exploration includes many specific...

Corporations play a distinctive and powerful role in contemporary large-scale social and economic organization. Yet they are poorly understood as social forms, poorly grasped by economics, and poorly appreciated in political theory. This project combines inquiry into the history of the corporation...