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Moishe Postone and the Transcendence of Capitalism


Critical Historical Studies 2020 7:1145-165

Secularism, Humanity, and Social Transformation


Keynote Address: European Academy of Religion

Nationalism for Good and Ill

Thesis 11.

(forthcoming): Thesis 11


The Future of Capitalism

Socio-Economic Review, 14 (1): 171-76.

Religion, Government and the Public Good

Temple Tracts: Issue 2, Volume 2. (Chester, UK: William Temple Foundation).

The Importance of Imagined Communities – and Benedict Anderson


Debats 130 (1): 11-16

Available in English as “Nationalism and Imagination: How Benedict Anderson Revolutionized Political Theory,” in ABC Ethics (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):


The Problematic Public: Revisiting Dewey, Arendt, and Habermas


in The Tanner Lectures on Human Values, vol. 32: 67-107.

Reprinted (abridged) in F. Engelstadt, The Public Sphere and Institutional Change, Berlin: De Gruyter, 2016.

Occupy Wall Street in Perspective

The British Journal of Sociology, 64 (1): 26-38.


Libyan Money, Academic Missions, and Public Social Science


Duke University Press. Public Culture, vol. 21 #1:  9-45.