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Selected Interviews

Please see below for interviews involving Craig Calhoun.

2020: Simpósio 8: Mundo Social e Pandemia

2020: Craig Calhoun: Goldsmiths Interview: 

2019: “What the Green New Deal Means for the Future of Work,” with Lauren Gilger 

2018: “Craig Calhoun speaks on media and new transformations of the public sphere,” Central European University 

2018: “The Humanities and the University: Craig Calhoun Interviewed,” with Peter Vale, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education. 

2018: “Nations are our creations,” with Lukasz Pawlowski

2017: "Is there anything else after global spectacles and local events?" with Peter Beilharz and Nikos Papastergiadis

2017: Sociology and it's Public: Craig Calhoun in Conversation with Riccardo Emilio Chesta

2017: “Can nationalism be redeemed,” with Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens

2017: “The Future of Nations” 

2017: “Craig Calhoun: A Life in Social and Political Theory"

2017: “Populism, polarization, and democracy” 

2016: “Europa es incapaz de hacer política colectiva para enfrentarse a un problema real,” El Pais, 20 March 

2016: Craig Calhoun on the Future of Europe: 

2016: Craig Calhoun: University Management in a Global Era: 

2016: Thinking Allowed: Museums and Nationalism, Imagining Utopias

2015: Craig Calhoun: There Are Always Other Options: 

2015: The Raffles Interview: “The Academic Perspective” 

2015: “The Final Gearty Grilling: Craig Calhoun on Facing the Future” 

2015: “There are always other options” 

2015: “What you gain should be some ability to take the standpoint of the other,” by Andreas Hess, Irish Journal of Sociology, v. 23 #1: 118-28.