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Selected Interviews

Please see below for interviews involving Craig Calhoun.


In Pursuit of Post-National Politics


Simpósio 8: Mundo Social e Pandemia

Craig Calhoun: Goldsmiths Interview: 


 “What the Green New Deal Means for the Future of Work,” with Lauren Gilger 


“Craig Calhoun speaks on media and new transformations of the public sphere,” Central European University 

“The Humanities and the University: Craig Calhoun Interviewed,” with Peter Vale, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education. 

“Nations are our creations,” with Lukasz Pawlowski


"Is there anything else after global spectacles and local events?" with Peter Beilharz and Nikos Papastergiadis

Sociology and it's Public: Craig Calhoun in Conversation with Riccardo Emilio Chesta

“Can nationalism be redeemed,” with Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens

“The Future of Nations” 

“Craig Calhoun: A Life in Social and Political Theory"

“Populism, polarization, and democracy” 


 “Europa es incapaz de hacer política colectiva para enfrentarse a un problema real,” El Pais, 20 March 

Craig Calhoun on the Future of Europe: 

Craig Calhoun: University Management in a Global Era: 

Thinking Allowed: Museums and Nationalism, Imagining Utopias


Craig Calhoun: There Are Always Other Options: 

The Raffles Interview: “The Academic Perspective” 

“The Final Gearty Grilling: Craig Calhoun on Facing the Future” 

“There are always other options” 

“What you gain should be some ability to take the standpoint of the other,” by Andreas Hess, Irish Journal of Sociology, v. 23 #1: 118-28.